If you have found yourself here, friend, it is not by coincidence!

You are clearly a seeker—a searcher and finder of signs, symbols, serendipities and synchronicities.  They—and our attention to them—are the teeny bread crumbs that help us find the way on our mysterious path.  And, unbeknownst to many, the book, How Do We Love? is full of them! If you are not familair with the book, yet, go to http://www.papasitaly.com to learn more!

In the book’s narrative you read about Italy, of course, and of family, and telling people’s stories. But all those adventures were shared with the purpose of communicating the idea that our time on this earth is all about love, personal growth and, ultimately— incredible transformation. Each of us has at least one lifetime of the exact moments, experiences, and relationships necessary for the “beautiful elaboration of our spirit, character and souls.”

I tried to convey the message with words and stories, but I also left you a backyard full of hidden, golden eggs that that are decorated with the same themes! You probably noticed quite a few along the way – some people already know the symbolism of roses as love, or figs as a symbol of Buddha’s enlightenment. But did you notice the number 11? The references to Giordano Bruno, geometry, Pythagoras, jasmine, Jack Kerouac, Tom Robbins, sunsets, spices, ascension, alchemy, or ancient Egypt, just to name a few? Oh, and did I mention these are magical eggs, friends? You can look at them, smile and continue on your merry way, or you can crack them open and see what’s inside!

Every month we will walk through one of the symbols in the book and explore its meaning and what it meant to the story. As we do, you will soon begin to see that not only are the eggs worth cracking open, but they begin to mix and meld in their own mystical way – a way that can lead you, like Alice, down a wondrous rabbit hole of synchronicity, possibilities and learning if you allow it! Anything you see typed in CAPS will be discussed in a future blog. And every once in a while we will throw in a handy, dandy diagram to show you that everything, from the Hebraic alphabet to infinity, really is all related!

Ci vediamo la prossima mese! See you next month!


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